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FAQ Baseball Bats

Information about Maple wood for Baseball bats

Maple Pro Grade Billets.  Baseball Bat. Wood Bat

Due to the overwhelming demand for Maple bats by players at all levels of the game Bonsall Bat Co. has chosen to produce and specialize in only Hard Rock Maple Baseball bats. Hard Rock Maple is a much harder, stronger, and more durable wood than Ash. Maple has a denser grain due to the slow growth of Maple vs Ash. All of our Maple billets are Vacuum dried to the proper moisture content to allow us to provide the proper weight and strength for the player. 

How do you hold a wood bat for top performance and durability?

Pro Grade Bonsall Bat. Baseball Bat.  Wood Bat

When holding a Bonsall Bat in your hands our Logo should be facing up or looking at the batter eye to eye. We place our logo on the top of the grain to allow the hitter to make contact on the end grain –Stronger more durable location on the barrel of the bat. Holding the bat this way will help extend the life of the bat and also allow for better performance.

Does the bat come with a warranty?

Pro-Grade Baseball Bat. Wood Bat. Bonsall Bat

We do not offer a warranty on our wood bats. We take great pride in producing only the highest quality bats but due to the nature of the product and use we are unable offer a warranty. If you feel the bat was defective in any way you are welcome to ship it back to us for an evaluation of the break and a decision at our discretion. 

When will I receive my bat after placing the order?

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We note on our site that Custom bats take between 7-10 business days to ship after receiving the order. Typically we are able to ship earlier and make every accommodation to meet your timeline. We do offer limited models on Stock bats which ship within 1-3 days. You can also choose expedited shipping via UPS at check out.

What is Cupping?

Cup in the end of a Pro-Grade Bonsall Baseball Bat.  Wood Bat.

Cupping refers to the wood being drilled out of the end of the barrel. A Full cup is 1” deep, Half cup is ½” deep. Cupping a bat removes a small amount of weight from the bat but more importantly moves the center weight of the bat toward the hitter so it is not as end heavy. (See the picture below – Full Cup) We also fill our cups after drilling in order to help protect from getting any moisture into the bat.

Can my bat be personalized?

Custom Pro Grade Bonsall Bats bagged up and ready for shipping.  Baseball Bat.  Wood Bat.


Yes!  We offer FREE personalization on all of our Custom, Youth and Coaches bats. The bats are Laser engraved with your Full Name, Last Name, Name & Number, Initials or whatever you would like –we do have a maximum of 20 characters for personalization. We Laser engrave the Barrel to a depth so we do not hinder the performance or durability of the bat.

How do I know which bat to choose?

Bat Sizing for all heights and weights.  Baseball Bat.  Wood Bat

 Above is a general guide chart for the proper length bat by age & weight. I stress that this is a general guide to use since each player has a different preference for “What feels comfortable” to swing. We offer a variety of bat profiles to choose from and we provide a description and some details for each model under the bat choices. Always feel free to call us with any questions when choosing a bat.